• hiawynoram

A Seamless Journey? Not Quite

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Everything was going according to plan until we got to Piraeus Port only to be told, AFTER collecting our tickets for the Flying Dolphin to Aegina at 2.30pm, that the 3.00 o’clock was cancelled due to stormy seas. They didn’t look that stormy to us and this is, after all, a sea-faring nation. Nevertheless a new plan had to be speedily arranged. This proved to be travelling on one of those vast car-carrying ferries which would take twice as long. Steve now had to carry our ridiculously heavy red hold bag up 2 flights of metal steps while I handled the 2 cabin bags. We were not happy especially as Steve has been told by his doctors not to lift heavy things. I was guilt-ridden as a lot of the weight was due to the tubes of paint I’d brought along. (Mistake as there is an art material shop in Aegina Town.) Once disembarked I suggested we take a taxi to the apartment to save further trundling of heavy bag. Another mistake as the taxi driver was reluctant - the journey being too short - and she didn’t know where the street was partly perhaps because I was pronouncing it incorrectly. She dropped us someway away from it gesturing wildly that it was 'just there'. It wasn't. With the help of every passerby we came across we did eventually trundle up to the apartment which is proving delightful. A mere 14 hours after leaving home in London we sat down at a bar in the harbour for our inaugural drinks. Views of the apartment entrance and the charming street where we‘re living.

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