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Back to Aegina Friday 13th

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Absolute crack of dawn we leave again for our beloved island on Friday 13th.

It is a long journey from London - a day's travelling. Leave the house at some hour that I don't want to think about to get to Gatwick two hours before the flight at 5.35. Tried to persuade one of my sons to drive us there in return for putting more money into his Half Marathon that he's running in October. Luke warm reception. Plus he drives like a mad man and in truth I'd really rather pay a mini cab and feel safe. So the journey starts in the near-lightless dawn, then we fly to Athens - 4 plus hours - then - now that we've found the right bus, about 1 hour.30min drive on the coach/bus to Piraeus Port - where we catch a Flying Dolphin at Gate 8 for Aegina. Flying Dolphin gets in at 3.40pm (15.40). We will have our inaugural drink at one of the bars on the Port before walking up Pileos Street to our AirBNB. We are crossing fingers it will be everything we hope it will be despite an orange-pink bathroom suite. Unusual. Pic of the Harbour/Port

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