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Dreamy Monday 1 - Starting to Paint

I can't remember exactly now when I started painting but think it was that first Monday. Doesn't matter if it wasn't, whichever day, same principle applies. I'd brought all these paints - no canvases obviously - but a pad of paper suitable for oil or acrylic. It was difficult to work out how to start painting in a strange environment that belonged to someone else. Couldn't make mess, had to be careful. Had the plastic tablecloth though over the two tables I'd pushed together on the terrace, so that became my work place. Didn't know where to start or how to start. Am in a phase of painting abstract and so I lent towards the colours and the chemistry of the place, nothing figurative. I swim and sometimes the sea seems black, pitch black, the beginning of everything, how the world began, here in Greece, the gods, in the black deep of the sea. There was bougainvillea everywhere around me, dropping its purple pink petals and another tree with small beautiful trumpet-shaped bright orange flowers - they too dropping all over the tiles. These were the colours and the chemistry, with the black of the sea in my mind from swimming in it, where I also got glimpses of colours... blue, turquoise, sun yellow, moments of white as the wash from boats coming into the harbour made waves. I started. I threw myself in. Wasn't impressed by first attempts but then gave myself over to not caring about the results, giving myself over to the idea of experimenting. Experimenting, free of frontier, expectation or form... free like no one's looking, no one cares. Begin from the dark. Here below are the 2 first 'dark' sea paintings.

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