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Dreamy Monday 2 - Two Favourite Haunts

Steve slept late while I experimented/messed about with paint that first Monday. By the time we were ready for the going out it was noon which is roughly beer-time for Steve. So we set off for what we call 'the Beer Garden' which I think they call themselves along with their proper name in Greek which to this day I have not mastered. The Beer Garden is right on the edge of what I have dubbed the Dromaki Sea... as it's opposite one of our favourite restaurants 'Dromaki'... a little beyond the actual harbour but where many yachts put down anchor as opposed to going into the harbour and I presume this is something to do with not paying harbour fees or perhaps because the harbour is full. It's very picturesque here as the small island of Agistri is visible in the mid-distance and beyond that the great, mountainous lizard tail of the country of Greece, the Peloponnese. It is also where the wonderful Brown Hotel is, on the coast road behind Dromaki. We have stayed at Brown's twice in one of their bungalows at the back of the main building which, towards the end of the 19th century, was a British-owned sponge factory and then seconded during WW2 as the headquarters of the occupying German Nazis. Today it is one of the best, if not the best hotel in Aegina Town with the most beautiful garden at the back off which are the 'bungalows' - en suite rooms, as simple as you can get but perfect for their purpose, each with a veranda overlooking the garden. On very hot days the cool here is a miracle and there is usually a lot of extraordinary sculpture to be found amongst the towering trees by local sculptor, Jean-Jacque Tesson. But onwards to the Beer Garden. Steve settled in with his beer while I took a swim. I had promised myself I'd swim every day, maybe even twice a day, as swimming in the sea or any ocean is the one exercise I genuinely love. After this it was off to Dromaki for a light lunch. Steve has befriended one of the 'main men' working here through their mutual interest in football. We were welcomed warmly and settled down at one of the tables on the beach where we had an absolutely delicious dish of grilled prawns, salad, bread and wine. What could be finer? By my reckoning, absolutely nothing. I want to do justice to scenes from this day so I will only add one photo here and make the next post mainly photos. This pic below is a view from 'the Beer Garden' and the grey-haired man with his back to camera is not Steve. Steve's hair is not grey - he would insist I make this clear.

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