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Dreamy Monday 3 post - finding ΗΠΡΟΚΑ, a 'piano bar' a few paces from our apartment

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I did not want to go out that first Dreamy Monday night. I'd had rather a lot of wine and I REALLY did not want to go anywhere. But Steve had spotted a small jazz/piano bar on our way back to the apartment... just a few yards down the street... and it was promising an open jam session that night. He was DESPERATE to go. I said go without me. Go on your own. No, that was not acceptable and so I gathered myself together and went. Well, I ended up saying much later to Steve, probably a tad drunk, 'the best night of my life.' A slight exaggeration perhaps but it really was quite delicious. The space is quite small, the bar itself is quite large or long. There are stools at the bar (a necessity for Steve), some tables and chairs inside, a couple of tables outside, a kind of sofa against one wall and a piano. That is only the beginning of the story. The barman plays the flute like a virtuoso. He will pick it up behind the bar at a nod from one of the jamming musicians and play, improvise divinely. His name I later learnt is Dimitri, what else. The jammers were brilliant, a couple of them English (one of them certainly has a house on the island and spends a lot of time there.) The owner of the bar played the piano and sometimes the guitar and sitting up against the bar was an American, middling in age, showing white hair beneath his cap, a man who I later learned also lives on the island and owns several properties (!), who had four harmonicas on the bar, each one tuned to a different key. He would spontaneously join in when the music being jammed was in one of those keys. The place was packed - squashed standing room only within a short time of the jam starting although somehow we had got there just early enough to get seats at the bar. Well, if we had favourite haunts from our previous trips, this place now became No 1.

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