• hiawynoram

More on the Aegina Turtle Coin

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

I’ve been reading more about the turtle coin of Aegina which I had been led to believe was the first minted coin in the world, although now it’s thought that possibly Lydia had already got there. Aegina’s mint was certainly set up soon after if not the earliest. In the BC centuries, Aegina was a small city state (about 30 miles off the coast of Athens as it is now,) and a major maritime trading centre which gave them reason to develop a currency to serve that trade. The island’s mint used almost pure silver in each coin to standardise the weight. Stamping the coin (with a turtle in Aegina's case) was the first time that this had been done, anywhere, and was there to give assurance that each coin contained the right amount of metal for its size. Today you can go to the Niello Showrooms on Spyrou Rodi, Aegina, and buy silver jewellery featuring that original turtle. Very beautiful. http://niello-showroom.com/

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