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Saturday 'στο σπίτι' (sto spiti - at home)

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

We had booked ourselves 16 nights on the island plus 2 days to travel home at the end as we wanted to simply be, stretch out, live normally, and not chase down touristic 'things to do'. I had brought paints so I had something to think about and concentrate on in between eating, drinking, swimming, hanging out together as we do at home and playing backgammon, our latest way of competing/keeping brain-addle at bay. We'd promised ourselves that we'd cook at home at least once a day so we didn't have to eat out all the time and spend rather large amounts of money in the process. Now we had to chase down good ingredients which we had failed to do when we'd come in May when renting a different apartment. We knew of a good butcher in Afeas Street and I'd found a proper fruit and veg store on my online map of Aegina Town. It was also in Afeas. Previously we'd bought fruit and/or veg from the stall on the coast road beside the harbour, something I'd now banned. The woman who runs the stall is over-eager/ambitious to push her produce onto unsuspecting customers so that if you ask for a handful of samphire she stuffs a large paper bag full of it and then charges you for the lot even though you don't want that much. Similarly with figs - you'd ask for 4 and she managed to force 10 on you and charge for them which resulted in several of them going bad before they were eaten. We set off on our shopping spree, bought 2 chicken haunches - ironically far too much as they were so big - at the good butcher on Afeas and then a bag of excellent veg and fruit further down the street - in exactly the amounts we wanted. On the return walk I bought a plastic tablecloth to cover the terrace table where I planned to paint. We invaded Pappas again for essentials like olive oil and feta cheese, bought wine at the store just across Markellos Square where they sell a lovely light Cretan white wine at a lovely price of about 5 Euros and we were set. Lunch was a light tomato and feta salad on the terrace and supper was to be a chicken dish made by Steve, the recipe for which he was quietly and secretly concocting in his head.

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