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The Delights of the Familiar and the Unfamiliar

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Our fourth time together in Aegina and we had never come across the street we were now living on... a very charming street, if pot-holed in the extreme, with Παππας, an excellent general store/mini supermarket and deli close by and ultimately leading directly and easily down to the harbour. In fact the location was perfect as everywhere we would want to go was in easy walking distance even for us despite the prolific pot-holing, the lack of pavement in many instances and the murderous traffic on Afeas Street or ΟΔΟΣ, the word used for street here, which I think is quite a quaint word, ΔΡΟΜΟΣ being more current. Having enjoyed our inaugural drink(s) in one of our favourite bars on the harbour we made our way to the end of Irioti ΟΔΟΣ - the one traffic-free street in the town - and the corner of Neoptolemou Street to one of our favourite restaurants which we call UMBRELLAS because of the umbrellas suspended in the air above the street outside. Its actual name is Μπακαλόγατος, (Bakalogatos) named for a famous old Greek comedy film about the adventures of a grocery store errand boy called Mbakalo while Gatos is the Greek word for cat, but also a synonym for a grocer's odd-job man. We love this restaurant owned and run by two very handsome young guys (with some cooking done by one of their mothers,) and eccentric decor including an artistically 'bandaged' trunk of the huge bougainvillea tree that spreads up and out across the see-through awning serving as a part-time roof. Steve had a sublime beef dish with lip-smacking sauce and I had a delicious pork and chickpea dish concoction. Afterwards we invaded Παππας, and bought essentials such as coffee, milk, some warm white wine and a bag of ice with which to chill it quickly, and returned to our lovely apartment to relax on the terrace over a few games of backgammon, our new discovery, rummy having been consigned to the dustbin of yesterday by Steve as, in his words, 'he was bored with winning.' (Not true of course, as he didn't ALWAYS win and when he didn't he did not like it.)

Μπακαλόγατος (Bakalogatos) Restaurant corner of Neoptolemou Street and the very end of P Irioti Street

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