• hiawynoram

Two Old Fogeys go to a Greek Island and Do Almost Nothing

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

The next book about our travels - if I can fit it into my new career of Doing as Little as Possible - might be about our times on the island of Aegina, 45 minutes by Flying Dolphin from the port of Piraeus (1.5 hrs by bus from Athens airport.) It is not what I would call touristic but more of a working island offering a major port for every type of boat imaginable from old fishing caiques to vast leisure yachts in the harbour of Aegina Town. It is right up our street as there is remarkably little to do here, certainly for Old Fogeys like us, except eat, drink and be mellow - in my case learn Greek and swim and in Steve's case sit in the sun on the beach reading, sipping μία μπύρα, and watching the world go by. There is also a wonderful history to explore, Aegina once being the capital of Greece and the place where the world's first coins were minted.

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