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Two Old Fogeys went to Sicily & before that Istanbul

We've just published TWO OLD FOGEYS GO TO SICILY as a sequel to ISTANBUL. They are both ebooks to download as you may have seen. You can download them from this website under BOOKS or go to amazon... where else. However, the original ISTANBUL ebook was available in many formats but with SICILY we have gone solely with KDP (amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing) which is US based. We're not sure about this at all because when you enter either title into amazon the first versions that come up are 'English Versions' but in India, Brazil and Australia. The mind boggles, given we're London-based and were hoping the first versions would come up in English on amazon.co.uk. Having said that, I'm feeling quite self-impressed, if such an expression exists as, today, I eventually managed to connect this website to google. It took hours and hours as despite the instructions, try as I did, I just could not meet two of the check points needed to make the connection. I thought I was computer-literate but this served to show me I have much to learn about the digital world. Oh, to be 9 like my grandson and know it all as easily as breathing. Photos are Istanbul reminders.

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